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Ukooa-cable-codes, ukooa code all cable types shall be uniquely defined by a five character alpha-numeric code: 1st. fire performance / voltage rating; 2nd. cable construction. Ukooa coding ukooa instrumentation, power & control cable coding 1st character fire performance/voltage rating 2nd character cable construction 3rd character no. cores, pairs, triples, quads 4th & 5th character conductor cross sectional areas j j j 00 1st character f 3rd character 1 single core, ukooa cable coding uk t 020 7241 8787 | f 020 7241 8700 | [email protected]cables.com | www.elandcables.com international t +44 20 7241 8740 | f +44 20 7241 8700 | [email protected] Oguk / ukooa cable selection our marine & offshore cables are designed for fixed wiring safety-critical applications in ships and offshore units, including emergency alarm and lighting systems. as a leading supplier of marine & offshore cables, our technical experts have vast experience of advising on cable specification and selection., iec60331 ukooa fire resistant shipboard cable to bs7917 . conductors: tinned annealed flexible copper core identification: pairs 1 black & 1 white, each pair numbered.triples 1 black, 1 white & 1 red, each triple numbered. quads 1 black, 1 blue, 1 red & 1 white each quad numbered..

3 production potential our chief asset is extensive technological know-how in the field of production of wide variety of cables and wires supported by our experienced personnel., armoured instrumentation cables to bs7917 fire resistant, pairs/triples/quads - individually screened. low smoke zero halogen tac, mgt, epr, scrn, zh, gswb, sw4 150/250v ## for black outer sheath insert suffix -02, for blue outer sheath insert suffix -06, for grey outer sheath insert suffix -09. (q) = quad..

06•6 products. technology. services. delivered globally. anixter.com guide to selection of cable sheath material marine and offshore cables the following table compares cable sheathing materials for offshore applications., composite cables. 1x rg11 + 3x2.5 power cable + 3x1x2x22awg data pairs unarmoured pvc sheathed composite cable; 1x rg11 + 3x2.5 power cable + 3x1x2x22awg data pairs swb pvc sheathed composite cable.

Marine and offshore cables - noskab catalogue 1. marine and offshore cable catalogue rev.03 2. noskab 1 introduction to noskab and maclean electrical group the maclean electrical group, is a privately owned specialist electrical distributor, operating internationally and throughout the uk.